Responsible management


Responsible management is an integral component of our firm’s philosophy, and we also apply it in the companies in which we invest. We are fully aware of the importance, not only of following responsible investment criteria, but also of actively encouraging the development of such criteria so that they can be implemented and developed in all areas for our firm and our portfolio companies.


One of our corporate objectives is that our investee companies become more socially responsible thanks to our influence. In order to do so, we dedicate efforts and resources from the moment we invest in the companies and over the life of the investment until divestment.


Our commitment to responsible management not only falls in the areas of social, environmental responsibility and sound corporate governance, but also those of ethics. The encouragement of those values are an integral component of our philosophy as a firm and we aim to spread them into all the spheres within which our investee companies carry out their businesses.


In addition, as partners and employees of Corpfin Capital we want to give back to society some of the benefits that it has provided to us, at both company and personal level, therefore we make regular contributions to NGOs and foundations. Since 2001 Corpfin Capital has offered all its employees the possibility of forming part of the “MATCH PROGRAMME” according to which the firm matches the donations made by employees to the NGOs and foundations of their choice.


NGOs and foundations to which Corpfin Capital and its employees have made donations in recent years include: Ayuda en Acción, Cáritas, Doctors Without Borders, Amigos de Rimkieta, Amnesty International, Nantik Lum, Born Free Foundation, etc.



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In 2012 Corpfin Capital signed up to the UN’s  Principles of Responsible Investment PRI . We are committed to the best practices by providing information and transparency to our investors.

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