Investment Criteria

Corpfin Capital regularly invests in medium-sized family businesses in which there is a desire for total or partial divestment, a need for greater professionalization or an opportunity for transformation or growth acceleration. Corpfin Capital also invests in non-strategic assets from large corporations, in order to develop them together with their management teams; or in companies with capitalization needs, to strengthen their balance sheets or to finance investments or acquisitions of other companies or assets.

Corpfin Capital contributes to the value creation of each of its investments with an objective of divesting in the medium-term after four to seven years post-investment, depending on the development of the agreed expansion plan.

Our main investment criteria are as follows:

  • Leading companies with a solid and differential business model where there is potential accelerate growth and companies with improvement potential through professionalization and innovation
  • Acquisition transactions together with management teams (Buy-outs, MBO, MBI), capital injections to accelerate sector consolidation projects (buy and build) or for other business development projects (expansion capital)
  • All business sectors, except for financial services, real estate and unethical activities
  • Companies with headquarters, management location or core businesses in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Preferably; majority and control stakes.
  • Turnover above €30 million, operating profit (EBITDA) between €5 and €25 million
  • Transactions with an enterprise value up to €200 million, with a focus on the segment between €50 and €100 million
  • Direct investment from Corpfin Capital´s fund between €15 and €45 million. Ability to undertake major operations with co-investment support from our institutional investors