Value creation

Corpfin Capital promotes growth in companies that have unique and differentiated business models that offer products and services with a sustainable advantage and that can be rapidly scaled up, either through organic growth projects or roll-out strategies. We also target in business consolidation situations; where a company/platform seeks strategic and financial partners to lead the purchase of other competitors, giving rise to national or international groups with greater scale and efficiency. Finally, we also accelerate international growth, by developing the product range or entering new markets through accretive industrial projects. We support exporters, companies with a global competitive advantage and those with international growth projects that can be implemented outside of the Iberian Peninsula, exploting their excellence.

Corpfin Capital continues to contribute throughout the entire expansion period through:

  • The injection of financial resources necessary to finance the organic and / or inorganic growth plan
  • Strategic support in the execution of the business plan, with leadership over inorganic growth or international development initiatives (commercial agreements, joint ventures or purchases of companies or assets)
  • Our contribution of sector knowledge, sometimes relying on niche experts in our network, anticipating market trends and taking advantage of growth opportunities
  • Our contribution to commercial development and the transfer of best business practices to promote efficiency and operational improvement
  • The professionalization of decision-making bodies, corporate governance and decision-making processes
  • The monitoring and constant improvement of environmental and corporate social responsibility policies
  • Talent attraction, including top-level managers to achieve ambitious growth targets, with the appropriate incentives
  • Leadership in the divestment process in the medium-term