We seek to partner with founding partners or managers to accelerate the transformation and growth of their businesses


annual growth

in combined turnover of our companies during the investment period



in our portfolio, creating leading companies



worldwide where our companies operate

Value creation

We create value in our business projects through long-term growth and transformation. For this it is essential to develop a shared plan jointly with the rest of the business partners and the management team, clearly setting the objectives to be undertaken during the expansion stage. This philosophy of partnership with management teams and partners is an integral part of our business model and the key to our success.

Investment Criteria

We identify consolidated companies, with growth and transformation potential who are leaders in their sector and have partners and managers absolutely committed and aligned with the value creation plan.

“Together with Corpfin Capital, we have transformed our business model and we grow significantly every year, consolidating our leadership in the areas of mental health, neurorehabilitation and dependence, as well as meeting an urgent social demand.”

Guillermo Bell,