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ASCRI Awards for the best operations in the sector


Corpfin Capital, represented by its Managing Partner, Alberto Curto, received best middle market operation award for its divestment in Palex

Deloitte, ASCRI (Spanish Association of Capital, Growth and Investment) and IESE Business School have held the Corpfin Capital received an award at the 13th edition of ASCRI PE awards. The prizes are awarded considering mainly the following criteria: financial profitability for investors, achievements obtained by the companies in terms of sales growth, new products and markets, innovation and ESG factors, among others.

Corpfin Capital won the award corresponding to middle market operation category (medium size), an area where the firm has developed its activity for 30 years. It is the third time Corpfin Capital has received the award in this category.

Alberto Curto, Socio Director de Corpfin Capital


Alberto Curto, Corpfin Capital’s Managing Partner, collected the award for the investment in Palex, a leading company in the distribution of medical equipment and provider of comprehensive services for hospitals in Spain and Portugal; specialized in areas such as cardiovascular surgery, diagnosis, oncology , interventionism, nep and orthopedics.  Curto highlighted the pride of having promoted this project in a sector so valuable to society, as proved by recent events when hospitals have gone through critical situations due to the pandemic.  He finalized by thanking the great work undertaken by the Palex management team led by Xavier Carbonell, as the true protagonists of the project’s success.

Following the divestment in February 2020, Corpfin Capital continued to bet on the future of Palex, investing, through its new fund,  together with Ergon in this next phase of the company’s development.