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Babaria, a company owned by Corpfin Capital, celebrates its 40th anniversary

Founded in 1981, Babaria has kept its essence by offering quality products and, now also, focusing on caring for the environment and constant innovation.


Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Babaria, from its headquarters in Valencia, it is focused on a business plan aimed at facilitating access to sustainable, natural, healthy and quality cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Babaria’s philosophy holds ​​environmental sustainability at its core. It has Aenor certification in many of its products, endorsing the quality of the natural ingredients used for manufacture. As an example, its solar line is “coral friendly”, that is, respectful of the marine ecosystem and its latest facial line is 100% plastic free.

The company employs around 250 people, sells its products in more than 90 countries and is constantly renewing its portfolio. A sample of the success of its novelties is the 100% plastic-free Bio facial line or its range of hydroalcoholic gels in different formats for the whole family.

Gerd Loewen, the company’s CEO, highlights some of the Babaia’s objectives, included in the so-called Plan 100: Modernize the company with a transversal brand image (Babaria Smart Beauty), lead the mass market by facilitating consumer access to natural cosmetics and boosting sales from Spain as well as its other four subsidiaries (Colombia, Peru, Mexico and USA).

According to Loewen, Babaria’s success is based on “teamwork, 360 digitization, sustainability and continuous crosscutting operational improvements.”