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Babaria lauches a 100% plastic-free cosmetic line

The firm is committed to accessible, responsible and meaningful cosmetics for the consumer

Babaria, a participated company for Corpfin Capital, has launched BIO – PLASTIC FREE, the first cosmetic line 100% free of plastics, with 99% ingredients from natural sources and 100% vegan.

Under the motto Take care of your skin and the planet, the firm has developed an ambitious and innovative proposal in the consumer cosmetics market, betting on a total symbiosis between science and nature.

100% plastic-free from start to finish

Bio Plastic Free is 100% free of plastics and in accordance with a “waste zero” philosophy. The packaging used is recyclable, reusable and / or comes from sustainable sources.

The jar is completely recyclable glass, the lid is 100% aluminum, without any type of inner lining or foam; the labels are made of pure chlorine-free cellulose and FSC certified. They are free of any varnish or acrylic component, which, in addition to being more ecological, facilitates the recycling process.

The box is certified cardboard and comes from sustainably managed forests. Everything has been considered in detail, even the seal closing the cardboard boxes is made of paper.


Natural ingredients for 360 º care º

The line consists of three essential products with 99% of ingredients of natural and botanical origin and fragrances with delicate notes to complete a ritual of sensorial beauty and very beneficial for the skin. Three products for a 360º daily facial care program with different properties that cover the needs of the skin throughout the day: -.

  • Hydratating daily cream: antioxidant super moisturizer with Aloe, Sap and Hyaluronic Acid, which gives the skin its flexibility and natural elasticity.
  • Rejuvenating night cream: anti-aging, detox and soothing cream, to renew the skin during sleep. With Orchid, Melissa and Rambutan, organically grown in Vietnam and rich in minerals and antioxidants.
  • Eye contour: Anti-aging, provides a rested look at any time of the day. With Melisa, Savia and Rambután.