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BABARIA: New range of hydroalcoholic solutions kind to the skin

Babaria, one of Corpfin Capital portfolio companies, has expanded its range of hydroalcoholic solutions, presenting a new variety of disinfection products, which also care for and protect our hands

This new range includes eight new hydroalcoholic solutions in gel and spray formats and they all combine a high percentage of alcohol (70%) with natural ingredients.

La nueva gama de soluciones hidroalcohólicas de Babaria

Among these ingredients we find aloe vera, jojoba, hyaluronic acid, cotton, rosehip or vanilla, components that favor dry skin. These formulas provide soothing and moisturizing benefits and very pleasant aromas. They have also prioritized the variety of formats so that they are easy to carry and use anywhere.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Babaria has focused on the manufacture of hydroalcoholic gels, proving its ability to respond to the market.