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Education, a resilient market with high valuations

Fernando Trueba, Managing Partner of Corpfin Capital, highlights the importance of innovation in the educational market.

Covid 19 has boosted the education market, and especially the edTech sector. After this crisis, the education sector has been strengthened and has clear possibilities for further development. Both international and national funds are betting on this sector.

Fernando Trueba, Managing Partner of Corpfin Capital, with Kids&Us among its portfolio companies, states that “possible acquisitions must be able to generate a clear value in terms of their method, presence or know-how in the market”.

Trueba explains that the education sector presents favorable consumption trends, long-term increasing spending, globalization, digitization, no correlation with the cycle, etc. In addition, there are several positive trends in the segment of English education for children: growth in language training, global need for English as a source of opportunities, long-term commitment, and lack of quality offer. Besides new trends have arisen due to the pandemic such as digitalization of the method, flexibility, or quality experience of the student / family, in which Kids & Us is very powerful. Since 2017, when Corpfin Capital acquired a stake in Kids&Us, the chain has opened more than 130 centers.