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Gerd Loewen: “We need to know how to read reality, and that is not easy in such a changing world”

We talk with the CEO of Berioska, a cosmetics and hygiene products company, about their evolution in the last year and also about their plans for the future.

Upon review of their first year with Corpfin Capital at the helm, marked by the arrival of the pandemic, the most significant hit was the launch of a new range of hydroalcoholic gels and the sale rise of all categories of products related to hand hygiene, in contrast to the fall of solar products. The launch of these products has proven the company’s potential for adaptability to change.

According to Gerd Loewen, Babaria must be able to anticipate and adapt to consumer needs in a rapidly changing world. Future strategies include a comprehensive modernization of the company and the strengthening of its internationalisation, while maintaining their strong commitment with sustainability and the care of our planet.