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Guillermo Bell: “The biggest challenge for Group 5 in the pandemic was to deploy the emergency device for homeless people at IFEMA in 48 hours”

Grupo 5, owned by Corpfin Capital, played an important role in Madrid, in the middle of the pandemic.

The company was responsible for organizing, for the City of Madrid, an emergency device in IFEMA for homeless people, in a record time of 48 hours.

In this interview, Guillermo Bell, executive president of Grupo 5 explains how this special device was organized in the health alert. A challenge that few companies could have faced.

Guillermo Bell, presidente de Grupo 5, participada de Corpfin

After this first device in IFEMA, Grupo 5 deployed another second in a sports center in Madrid and two similar, but smaller, in Valencia and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.