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How to manage a company in the face of a cycle change?

Natividad Sierra, Head of Investor Relations de Corpfin Capital, has participated in the round table organized by Capital&Corporate on management priorities.

As part of  CapCorpLabs, virtual debate cycle, Natividad Sierra has discussed about the main aspects of portfolio management, prioritised by the private equity sector during the pandemic. Corpfin Capital has focused on stabilizing and protecting the portfolio companies by ensuring and facilitating that they have sufficient funds to face a period of uncertainty.

Second, Corpfin Capital, along with the management teams of the investee companies, has made an in-depth diagnosis of the potential impact of the pandemic on the portfolio, readjusting the business plans to the current situation. Third, it has set off the necessary action plans to deal with the pandemic and to take advantage of potential value creation opportunities.

In the debate, moderated by Manuel Carrera Franco, partner of KPMG, several experts also commented on the strategies carried out in the venture capital and infrastructure sectors.