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Internationalization, key in the strategy to grow the funds

Álvaro Olivares took part in the “Observatory Generation of value in the Private Equity portfolio” organized by

In the session attended by relevant firms from the private equity sector, Álvaro Olivares, Corpfin Capital’s managing partner of, pointed out that “Private equity is at its best in terms of professionalization and solidity”. Likewise, he stressed that “organizations are people and people work with habits”.   In his opinion, “if someone had a line of work for  for 25 years, chanche will not happen just by the appearance of a venture capital investor. In our case, we are also committed to strengthening the teams, not only in general management, but also in many other areas, such as commercial management”.

Olivares agrees with the rest of the experts in the sector that growth alone does not create value and it is necessary to implement control management systems. “Ocasionally service companies that win contracts not knowing wether those contracts will be profitable or not.and you don’t know if they are making or losing money with it,” he says.