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Interview with Ana Lozano, Director of Communication and CSR in GRUPO 5

“Our mission is to improve the lives of people who are in a situation of social vulnerability and their environment through professional care”

With more than 1,800 professionals who serve 4,400 people daily in more than 130 centers or services located in 12 Spanish Autonomous Communities, we aim every day to be the most recommended company in the social and health sector by the people we serve, their families, our workers and the society. We take care of people with mental health problems, acquired brain damage or other disabilities, with homeless people and families in situations of vulnerability; we intervene in social emergencies and we have social and child education programs.


We are currently working on the development of the first CSR plan for GRUPO 5. This plan is supported by various projects that combine all the actions of social responsibility and sustainability. Our main challenge is to transfer CSR to the entire value chain of the company.


In the framework of the COVID19 health crisis, we are managing the social emergency facilities developed at IFEMA and at Marqués de Samaranch Pavilion housing 300 people in Madrid, as well as the Quico Cabrera pavilion in Tenerife helping 25 people.