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Private equity managers comment on what the “new reality” of the sector will be like

Fernando Trueba, Managing Partner of Corpfin Capital, points out that it will be crucial to wait a few months to foretell 2021 and work on a map of opportunities and risks

Industry experts agree on the need to be cautious in the current situation of uncertainty due to the pandemic and that it is early to have visibility on the impact of the coronavirus on portfolios. In this phase, more than ever, the support of the funds to its investees is key. On the other hand, the investor appetite in the sector continues, and there are still investment opportunities, although the forecast is for the investment rate to slow down within a framework of prudence. In the short term, the execution of investments will be very selective and will require the preparation of realistic business plans in the new context. In the medium term, the anticipation of trends and increased visibility of the evolution of the sectors will be key for the execution of investments.


The top players of the private capital sector are aware of the sector’s ability to play an important role in the recovery of the Spanish economy, which will contribute to the generation of employment and wealth in society.