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The private equity industry faces a year of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges

Alberto Curto, managing partner of Corpfin Capital, has participated in the Council of ‘el Economista Capital Privado’ on the current challenges and opportunities in an unprecedented year.

This Council examined how international tension over the invasion of Ukraine is affecting private capital. The general feeling, so far, is that the impact has been different depending on the sectors, and  the markets have not suffered as much as they did with the last pandemic. Curto adds: “Obviously, some of the investee companies are suddenly and severely affected thus compelling the managers to implement mechanisms showing the value private capital brings when it comes to speeding up the room for maneuver in the companies”.

The Corpfin Capital partner was cautious about next steps: “In my opinion, at least for the time being, it will be difficult to make investment decisions from both an equity and debt standpoint.”