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Competition at peak and new record year for private equity

Natividad Sierra, Head of Investor Relations&ESG at Corpfin Capital, has participated in the #CAPCorp2021 Congress.

Last November, the XXI edition of CAPCorp  -the annual meeting of Private Equity and M&A professionals in Spain-, was held in Madrid. The CAPCorp Congress was a meeting point for more than 400 attendees and more than 50 speakers who shared their experiences at the congress, in a context of growth and consolidation of the national market.


Natividad Sierra discussed the strategies of private equity managers to continue fostering growth at their investees, once the initial phase of the pandemic is over. The commitment of investors and companies to ESG as a fundamental factor in creating value was another subject of the round table. Firms that place ESG at the center of their strategy will be the ones that change the rules of the game in this new post-pandemic scenario.

As Natividad Sierra acknowledged, “We have LPs that are very committed to ESG and also,to comply with regulations, ESG issues are by no means optional. We are working with all our investees on detailed ESG policies, designed and adapted to each company. It is a long term issue that requires a lot of thought, awhich will obviously help to create value, but it cannot be done overnight”.