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How to manage a company in the face of a cycle change?

Natividad Sierra, Head of Investor Relations de Corpfin Capital, has participated in the round table organized by Capital&Corporate on management priorities. As part of  CapCorpLabs, virtual debate cycle, Natividad Sierra has discussed about the main aspects of portfolio management, prioritised by the private equity sector during the pandemic. Corpfin Capital has focused on stabilizing and …

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Portfolio Management in COVID-19 times

  Alvaro Olivares, Managing Partner at Corpfin Capital, explains how the teams and managers are reacting with agility and decision, applying what they have learned in the past and transferring good practices from some companies to others. Managing the portfolio is an essential and differentiating element of the added value provided by private equity managers. …

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Alberto Curto participates in the webinar on “The day after: The impact of COVID-19 on consumption reality”Organized by EY, Parthenon and ASCRI

  Ascri has organized the webinar in collaboration with EY and Parthenon EY and its strategic consultancy Parthenon have presented the results of their analysis of the consumption and distribution sectors, addressing the changes that occurred in the consumption habits and social behaviors of Spanish consumers during the COVID-19 crisis and their expected impact on …

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The wishes of the sector for 2021

Fernando Trueba, Managing Partner of Corpfin Capital, points out that 2021 should mark the beginning of a decisive economic recovery. From Corpfin Capital, we wish everyone health, but also the commitment of the different agents involved in the country’s recovery. Also, we ask that the necessary transformations be accelerated to boost companies, that will allow …

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