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Forecast 2022: looking ahead to a decisive year

Fernando Trueba, Managing Partner of Corpfin Capital, notes that the new year should mark the beginning of a long-awaited return to normality

The experts consulted stress that 2022 is a key year for economic recovery and the return to normality.

In reference to the Private Equity sector, Fernando Trueba states: “We hope that 2022 will be the year we return to normality, in every aspect: health,
economic and social terms. A year of recovery trend consolidation, driven by consumption, the return of international tourism and investment, and the efficient use of the NextGen program in our country.
At the same time, a year of progressive decrease in the main inflationary risks surrounding us, favoring greater visibility in the medium term.
With respect to our activity, we expect and hope that we will have another successful year regarding both investment and portfolio performance. We will continue to foster growth, transformation and social commitment in line with 2021”.