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Portfolio Management in COVID-19 times


Alvaro Olivares, Managing Partner at Corpfin Capital, explains how the teams and managers are reacting with agility and decision, applying what they have learned in the past and transferring good practices from some companies to others.

Managing the portfolio is an essential and differentiating element of the added value provided by private equity managers.  In good times, poor management can be balanced out by the favorable evolution of a specific sector or of the economy as a whole.  In times of uncertainty, such as the current ones, good management becomes essential and decisive for the survival of companies and the generation of value.  Working side by side with the managers of the portfolio companies and combining that with the experience acquired in previous crises, will be crucial to make the appropriate decisions and take the right course of action in order to minimize the impact of the Covid-19, as well as to promote new value creation strategies.

 CapCorp magazine explores portfolio managed by private equity funds during Covid-19 and has published the attached dossier.  Experts from the sector, both advisers and investment capital funds, among which is Corpfin Capital, have collaborated to compile that dossier.