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Palex Médical, advances in the fight against cancer through new diagnostic tests.

Palex Médical, one of Corpfin Capital’s portfolio companies, specializes in medical solutions for hospitals and health professionals, placing innovation and patient care as the main axes of its activity.
Dr. Xavier Carbonell, CEO of the company, has promoted the creation of a laboratory and oncological diagnosis division, and new diagnostic tests, more precise and reliable than existing diagnostic tests, have been added to the portfolio.
For example, OC-Sensor is “a worldwide benchmark test for the early detection of colorectal cancer,” according to Dr. Xavier Carbonell.
Another of Palex’s most advanced tests is the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score ™, which represents the only genomic test that predicts the benefit of chemotherapy treatment for a given group of patients with early-stage breast cancer.
In Urology, Palex Medical also has two tests that provide great added value, such as Oncotype DX® Genomic Prostate Score ™ and Bladder Eppicheck® for diagnosis of the bladder.