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Preving Group leads a humanitarian aid project for Ukraine

Grupo Preving, with by Corpfin Capital as a stakeholder, joins the Cáritas Programm Companies with a Heart, in the developement of a Ukraine Aid Project.

The program involves the welcoming and relocation of 25 families upon their arrival in Badajoz on March 28. The project will last one year, with a renewal option. The donation to this project amounts to €150,000.  The project includes an employability program designed to facilitate the access to the labor market of these refugees and thus recuperate their independence.

These actions are carried out through the Ubuntu Afrika Foundation, an NGO affiliated to  Grupo Preving.

Alongside, a fundraising campaign has been launched to enable everyone to make their contributions through the following bank account ES08 2100 8645 4102 0007 7590 (Ukraine 2022 donation concept) or via Bizum to the Ubuntu Africa Foundation (05065).  The donation will be applied in full to this project.