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Grupo Preving invests 10 million in its headquarters in Badajoz

The company, owned by Corpfin Capital, is going to build a complex in Cuartón del Cortijo (Badajoz), that will be the group’s national headquarters. It is a 6,000-square-meter sustainable building that, in addition to hosting Grupo Preving’s central services, will have an entrepreneurship center, a nursery for workers’ children, an indoor swimming pool and a …

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Grupo Preving awarded at the Prevencionar 2020 prizes

340 candidates applied to the 15 existing categories in its third edition held at the University of Córdoba. On 25th September, the third edition of the Prevencionar 2020 awards was held at the University of Córdoba. Grupo Preving was selected as a finalist thanks to the projects iGlove and Sim Lab 19. The objective of …

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Grupo Preving acquires Previcaman and reinforces its national presence

The operation represents an advance in the leadership project in the prevention services sector in Castilla-La Mancha. Grupo Preving, a company participated by Corpfin Capital, has signed a purchase agreement with Grupo PREVICAMAN, one of the most important external prevention services in Castilla – La Mancha. With this agreement, the company manages to expand its …

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Grupo Preving acquires ASEM Prevención and INPREIN

ASEM Prevención e INPREIN are the latest of Grupo Preving’s acquisitions as part of the Company’s ambitious project for nationwide growth and roll-out, endorsed by Corpfin Capital, one of the best known independent investment entities in Spain

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