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Alannia, the new sustainable and luxury resort in Salou, is ready to open

The new complex, which represents a new sustainable tourism model, was officially inaugurated on June 28 and will open its doors to the public on July 1. The Marjal Group, participated by Corpfin Capital, if fully committed with sustainability and respect for the environment. With this establishment, it aims to be a benchmark in sustainable …

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Alannia’s horizontal resort in Salou will open 1st of July

Alannia, owned by Corpfin Capital, opens this exclusive 4 star, 22,000 square meter hotel complex. This new resort, which will open all year round, has required an investment of millions of dollars and will generate 100 direct jobs. Its 22,000 meters of facilities and premium services make it a 4-star category resort. These facilities allow …

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Alannia continues to expand with a new resort in the Murcia region

The company, owned by Corpfin Capital, is planning to build a new campsite in addition to the five campsites it already operates on the Mediterranean coast. The entire project will be based on sustainability, a fundamental value for Alannia, from the care of the environmental impact to energy efficiency. The works will be carried out …

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Alannia Guardamar among the 11 essential campsites

Alannia Guardamar Resort chosen by ESdiario for a different vacation. Alannia Guardamar Resort, belonging to Grupo Marjal, participated by Corpfin Capital, combines the possibility of installing caravans with enjoying bungalows and all the typical services of a high-end camping. The comfort of its facilities and its location near the beach make it an ideal resort …

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