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Kids&Us collaborates with Quirónsalud Marbella providing educational material in English

The English language school Kid & Us Marbella has signed a collaboration agreement with Hospital Quirón Salud Marbella.

Kids & Us is the Spanish leading chain of English teaching academies for children and is a subsidiary of Corpfin Capital.

The agreement between both entities, referents in the extracurricular training of languages and in the health sector respectively, is aimed at reinforcing the experience of the patient in the Pediatrics Service by distributing high quality English educational material.

That agreement aims for a double objective: to enrich the experience in the emergency waiting room and external consultations of the Pediatrics service, as well as bringing English to young children, that being the sign of identity of Kids&Us natural method. Families approaching both spaces will enjoy the recreational-pedagogical material (reading and activity books) written in English with high quality materials and design donated by Kids & Us Marbella School of English.

Children will benefit from the access to those materials as it will reduce anxiety, especially in the case of those children unfamiliar with the presence of a doctor, offering them the chance to experience their medical circumstances in a playful environment. Moreover, the availability of that type of material in English fits the multicultural profile of the users who regularly attend the Hospital Quirón Salud Marbella.