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Group 5 promotes neurological rehabilitation for autonomy

The company, owned by Corpfin Capital, opens a new center to treat patients with acquired brain damage in Zaragoza. Grupo 5 manages a neurorehabilitation day center in this city and is about to open  a CIAN, Comprehensive Center for Neurorehabilitation Care, specialized in holistic care for patients with acquired brain damage. This center focuses on …

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Grupo 5 launches first comprenhensive treatment Post Covid-19 in Spain

The different long term physical damages, which this disease causes, can now begin to be treated. Grupo 5, owned by Corpfin Capital, has developed a post-Covid program that provides personalized attention to patients with long term physical damages, so they can recover the maximum of their skills prior to the disease. With a little more …

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Interview with Ana Lozano, Director of Communication and CSR in GRUPO 5

“Our mission is to improve the lives of people who are in a situation of social vulnerability and their environment through professional care” With more than 1,800 professionals who serve 4,400 people daily in more than 130 centers or services located in 12 Spanish Autonomous Communities, we aim every day to be the most recommended …

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Grupo 5, controlled by Corpfin Capital

The acqusition of a 100% stake in Geriátrico Manacor and Novaedat Picafort by Grupo 5, inagurates the build up strategy that Corpfin Capital aims to develop in the senior care and retirement homes sector

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