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Babaria, a company owned by Corpfin Capital, celebrates its 40th anniversary

Founded in 1981, Babaria has kept its essence by offering quality products and, now also, focusing on caring for the environment and constant innovation.   Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Babaria, from its headquarters in Valencia, it is focused on a business plan aimed at facilitating access to sustainable, natural, healthy and quality cosmetics and …

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Babaria obtains the AENOR Certificate of Content of Natural Origin

The brand owned by Corpfin Capital, is committed to the natural origin of its products. Babaria, is one of the first brands in the cosmetic sector that has achieved the AENOR Certificate of Content of Natural Origin. It consolidates one of its most outstanding values: the use of natural ingredients or from natural origin, even …

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BABARIA: New range of hydroalcoholic solutions kind to the skin

Babaria, one of Corpfin Capital portfolio companies, has expanded its range of hydroalcoholic solutions, presenting a new variety of disinfection products, which also care for and protect our hands This new range includes eight new hydroalcoholic solutions in gel and spray formats and they all combine a high percentage of alcohol (70%) with natural ingredients. …

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Babaria lauches a 100% plastic-free cosmetic line

The firm is committed to accessible, responsible and meaningful cosmetics for the consumer Babaria, a participated company for Corpfin Capital, has launched BIO – PLASTIC FREE, the first cosmetic line 100% free of plastics, with 99% ingredients from natural sources and 100% vegan. Under the motto Take care of your skin and the planet, the …

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